Wednesday, August 22, 2007

$1,100 Out and $11 In

Last weekend I received my first of many doctor bills. This one is for $1,100. I hope I have met my deductible now or I am close, at least, so that the next bills won't be as large. After writing out a check for the total and putting it in an envelope it dawned on me that if I paid with my cash-back credit card I might get a few dollars back. The bill didn't say how I could pay so I called the office but they had gone home for the day. They returned my call today and said they would accept my credit card. I pay off my balance every month and I have the money in the bank already but now I won't have to pay until the end of September and I will get approximately $11 back from the credit card. Did you know that Discover Card only gives you .25% on the first $1,500, .5% on the next $1,500 and 1% on the amount over $3,000? These are the amounts charged in a year's time. All this time I thought it was just 1%. Well, I am over my $3,000 amount for the year so I will get 1% back or $11. Now I just need to figure out how to get the stamp off the envelope so I can re-use it.


Anonymous said...

Cut around the stamp and glue it to another envelope later! That's what I do!

Daizy said...

Yea! A comment. Makes me feel like there is really someone out there.