Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Out to Lunch Again

It seems that I go out to lunch about once a week now. I managed to avoid going out at my last job but now, despite bringing my lunch everyday so I have an excuse, I still find myself going out for one reason or another. Two weeks ago I was taking someone to the airport, last week was a birthday lunch and this week was a trip for office supplies. Now 2 of those lunches were paid for by others and today I managed to get lunch for $2 (Taco Bell drive thru, no drink). I think if I can keep it down to once a week or less and $5 or under (dollar menus or sharing a meal), I should just add it to my entertainment budget. It is good to build relationships with people at work and they do enjoy food, especially trying to get me to try new and strange foods. So as much as it ruffles my frugal feathers I should try to enjoy these opportunities to bond with my co-workers.

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