Monday, July 9, 2007

I Need a Bill Nanny

Why does it seem like my bills need a nanny? First it was the internet and telephone, then car insurance, now it’s a medical bill getting out of hand. I need someone to keep them in line, check up on them, feed and care for them, amuse them when they get cranky and dole out the discipline.

My latest out of line bill was from a doctor visit back in April. The office sent me a bill, I filled out the information they requested and sent it back. A month later I receive another bill so I call the insurance company. I say “Should I pay this bill?“ They say no, they need more info from the doctor. The doctor’s office sends me a release form for my records. I play fax and email tag with them until they are happy. I wait some more. I receive a third and more urgent bill from the doctor. I call the insurance company again. They say “gee, we have your information and we have the doctors information. I don’t know why this is still on hold. You should hear something from us in 2 weeks.”

Ok. I am waiting 2 weeks. Where is my bill nanny when I need her? This bill needs a time out.

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