Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh Those Pesky Bills

As I was tallying up my monthly expenses I suddenly realized that I hadn’t seen a cable bill lately. I was hoping I just overlooked it this month and maybe last month too but no, I haven’t subtracted it from my budget in 4 months! It is paid automatically with my credit card so that wasn’t a problem but I don’t have it set up to be deducted from my monthly budget because I was hoping that my house would have been sold or rented out by now and I wouldn’t have that bill anymore. That little mistake is going to cost me $170 out of this months budget. No fun money this month!

And then I get a letter from my mortgage company. If I pay $186 before the end of August, my mortgage will only go up $3 a month. I am guessing that changing the home to a rental property for 4 months increased the property tax and insurance that my mortgage company has to pay. So, no fun money for August either.

I was hoping to buy some more memory for my computer. I signed up for the free Skype telephone service that works over the internet (free calls between members and only $3 a month to other people) but when I tested it the voice was a little choppy. I hope that adding more memory will fix that. My internet is already the fastest service available in my area so I don‘t think that is the problem. I also want a headset and microphone. I am hoping it will have clearer calls than my cell phone which is getting worse and dropping calls more often. My cell phone is $41 per month. I am looking into pay-as-I-go cell plans. Perhaps a track phone like my parents. My phone usage is unpredictable. Sometimes I only use half of the minutes and sometimes I have an $80 month. There has to be something better out there.

Anyway, I’ll have to put my RAM and headset on my wish list. Maybe I’ll have some fun money in September.

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