Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Shop Less Challenge

Everything that I bought at the store was on sale today. I suppose I wouldn’t have bought it if it wasn’t on sale. I have to really want it badly to buy it for full price. The receipt said I saved $32. I couldn’t see how until I looked at it and the regular price for the cherries was $15. I definitely wouldn’t have bought them for that price.

At the deli I wanted my favorite pepper turkey which was on sale but they were out of it. I asked if I could have something else for the same price and they let me have the honey turkey for the sale price. When the clerk gave me the package I checked the price tag and she had forgotten to give me the discount so I had to ask her a second time. It is good practice to check the prices even when they say they will give you a discount.

When I am living some place where I have room to stock up I want to be one of those people who can get $100 worth of groceries for $11 with all of their coupons and rebates and things. I think that would be a fun challenge once in a while.

The best way for me to save money on groceries is to go less often. The two things that keep me going back are fruit and milk. This month I am going to try and cut out one trip to the grocery store. Today I spent $50. If I can make the food last for 10 days instead of 7 I can save one trip. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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