Monday, July 2, 2007

Cancelled the Land Line and Got Faster Internet

Well, I cancelled my home phone service today. I barely used it anyway. I use my cell phone more. Even if I go over on my cell phone minutes it should cost less than the $25 home phone.

I must admit that I didn't save the entire $25. I have been wanting to get faster internet but I considered it a luxury. The phone company was having a special and it only cost $5 more a month than my existing internet service for a faster connection. The only catch is that I had to commit to 2 years. That should be ok though. If I move out to my property this company is the only internet provider anyway. I thought about doing this before but I didn’t realize I could move the service with me. I thought I had to remain at the same residence for 2 years.

So, tip for the day, review your services. Many companies offer great deals to get you to stay or to steal you from the competition. Do your research and make their deals work for you.

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