Sunday, July 1, 2007

My Budget June 2007

I seem to be jumping around a lot. My thought are scattered. I need to make some lists. I love lists. I am a compulsive list maker. Lists are scattered around my house, in drawers, on counters. At my job they have old scratch paper pads and now my work bag is full of little lists on company notepads. Most of my lists detail my plans to become financially free from my job. I bet that’s not the way they intended their notepads to be used.

List #1
My budget per month-This is the most important list but only if I can stick with it.

Property tax- $62
Car registration and insurance- $42
Food- $100
Life Insurance- $47
Electricity- $50
Natural Gas- $20
Cell Phone- $41
Gas for car- $80
Water- $15
Trash and Sewer- $21
Phone- $30
Internet -$35
Cable- $45
Christmas fund- $25
RV registration and insurance- $30
Miscellaneous -$300

That totals $943. With my $800 house payment that is $1743 per month.That is the budget that I am following now. Hopefully soon, when my house sells and I move to my RV, I can subtract the $800 house payment, invest the equity, and put that $800 in to savings.

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