Friday, July 13, 2007

House Update 7-13-07

I had two showings for my house this week. I was beginning to think there weren’t any more buyers out there. One came late on Sunday. I only had a few minutes notice from my realtor before they rang the door bell. The house wasn’t too messy. A few dirty dishes and I managed to make the bed while they were in the other half of the house. Unfortunately, my realtor told me later that a woman was driving erratically around the neighborhood and shouting. The buyers were scared off and decided to look in another neighborhood. I have never had any problems here. I guess it was just bad timing.

Another realtor showed the house yesterday. I am hoping that buyers will be looking now so that they can get in to a house before school starts again if they have kids. I noticed a moving van outside of the neighbor's house down the street. Plus another house just like mine went on the market this week. It is vacant. That means my house is the only one with furniture still inside. That could be good. I have heard that staged houses sell faster. At least that is what they say on HGTV.

I am tempted to start little home improvement projects. I want to tile the area between the counter top and the cabinets. I have no idea what color tile would look good. My cabinets are medium brown and my counter is brownish-green marble color. I probably shouldn’t start anything like that. I wouldn’t want to make a mess right now. I wish it would just sell so I wouldn’t be tempted to mess with it anymore.

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