Friday, August 11, 2017

Moving In, Maybe

Moving day tomorrow! The wall project got approved by the HOA architectural committee and my handyman has been working on raising the wall from 4' to 6' this week. The sliding glass door isn't installed in my bedroom yet but I am determined to get moved in this weekend. I've been taking bags and boxes to the new house every time I go there but tomorrow I'm taking the dogs and that marks the official move day because I will be sleeping there from now on. Home is where the dogs are. After that, I'll help my mom bring her stuff over.  

On Sunday, I will move the quail and another load of stuff. So far, I'm bringing a lot of stuff but hardly any furniture. I am leaving some furniture for staging the house for sale. My handyman decided that he can't afford to buy my house right now. That means I will have to go ahead with my remodeling plan to get my house ready to list. That's probably for the best. House prices in my neighborhood are going up and up. It almost makes me want to rent but I'd rather just get the money and invest it. Two rental houses is enough for me.

I got a dog adopted! The dog that came back after being adopted as a puppy 5 years ago, she got adopted to a nice young lady who likes to go for runs and hikes. That's exactly the kind of person she needed. I am so glad that I have one less dog to move to the new house.

There are still a lot of projects to do at the new house. On Monday, I'll get the sliding glass door for my bedroom so that I can use my sliding door dog door. Then I'll get a small patio cover over it for rainy days. Then my mother bought a bathroom vanity and sink top and also wants a new toilet, tub, and tile. By then, I should have all of my belonging out of my house and will want the handyman to start fixing up my house. So much to do! I only have $15k to work with so I had better use it wisely.I need new kitchen cabinets and to remodel the master bath just to name a few things. The list is long. Whew, I'm tired. Wish I could sleep in tomorrow but no, I can't put this off any longer! 

Update- I went by the house this evening and the wall is only about 20% complete. How disappointing.  I'm still going to move in tomorrow. If the dogs bark too much with the workmen there, we'll go back to my house during the week when I have to work. 


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Home is where the digs are. Very lovely!
I always thought that once your nephew was gone then it was back out into the desert. It's funny how life comes along and gives us so many surprises. So nice for your mum to have you there. Xx

Daizy said...

Moving to my property was the original plan, but, you know how life goes... I will get out there eventually!

Anonymous said...

Your life is exhausting!

george said...

sometimes with the handyman types, you have to lay down the law and tell them such and such needs to be done by this time, or i'll get someone else to finish it. but be nice about it, of course.


Daizy said...

Anonymous, I agree. I just want a weekend to do whatever I want, like nap. Lol.

Daizy said...

Yes, I told him the sliding door needed to be in on Monday and it was. The wall is still an on going project though. Two more days I think and then I will need to find taller gates.