Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Mini Dog

This is my smallest foster dog so far.  I think she is 5 pounds.  I wouldn't have taken her except that my friend had her and she already has her hands full with her own dogs, her foster dog and her baby.  The difficult part of having a dog this small is that I can't leave it at home because I have a dog door for the other dogs and this tiny dog would be the perfect size for a hawk or owl to grab right out of the yard (like the puppy I had that disappeared).  
I took her to work with me today and she wasn't too much trouble so I will take her with me until she gets adopted or finds a new foster home.  She will be up for adoption a week from Saturday after she gets spayed, microchipped and gets her shots.  Hopefully she will find a home right away.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Taking a dog to work every day would be great. I would want to hold on to her!

Daizy said...

It's fun when they are easy dogs. She wanted to be held the entire time so that got annoying fast.

High Yield Soldier said...

Years ago I had a part time business selling odds and ends at flea markets on the weekend; Our neighbor had a litter of kittens he didnt want, so we packed them up to the flea market with us when they were old enough, and gave them all away in two days. Everyone was a winner. Have you ever thought about doing something like that?

Daizy said...

High Yield Soldier, we used to give away kittens when I was young in California. Here in Tucson it is illegal to sell or give away animals at swap meets and on public streets. The main pet swapping place is on craig's list. My dogs are all part of a non-profit rescue and they are required to be fixed, get shots and microchipped so we charge an adoption fee and have a contract they have to sign. The pet store lets us set up there on the weekends and that works out pretty well. The cute ones go fast, of course.