Saturday, October 13, 2012

Visiting My Stuff

I took my foster poodle to his new home today.  The introduction with their dog went really well.  I think they will keep him.  Since I was dog-free after that I decided to finally go out to my property to see how things were doing.  The dirt road was even more washed out but still passable.  The RV and mobile home looked the same.  There were a few things strewn about like my trash can and a 55 gallon drum.

I walked over to the yard in front of the mobile home and saw that the chainlink dog run had rolled a few times and was resting against the mobile home.  One of the dog houses was in 2 pieces on the ground and I walked over to pick them up and stack them.  I noticed some spider webs so I thought that I should be on the look out for black widow spiders.  I started to pick up the half of dog house and I saw something move.  It was a s-s-s-s-snake!!!  A young rattlesnake was curled up in the back corner.  I dropped the dog house and walked away and did a little icky-snake dance.  I thought about what to do.  I could use my 6ft. snake tongs, catch it and relocate it.  I could let it be and work elsewhere.  Or I could jump in my truck and drive away.  I decided that since I wasn't living there I would just leave it alone since it was probably doing a really good job of keeping the rats and mice in check.  Soon it will be too cold for snakes so I will just wait until then and then go back out and clean up the yard.

I went to the RV and sorted through some of the papers that I had left behind.  I filled one bag of trash and another half full of papers to recycle.  I didn't make a lot of progress but every little bit helps.  I need to take a Friday off and load up my truck for a dump run.  There's not enough time during a normal 2 day weekend to sort, load and drive to the dump.

It was weird to be back there.  I miss some parts of it but certainly not the snakes.  Wikipedia says the western diamondback rattlesnake is inactive between late October and early March.  Ok then.  I have a few more weeks to wait.  There is so much that needs to be done out there but not until that snake is asleep.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I would have just run away, no snake tongs for me!
We dont have deadly snakes here and I have only seen maybe three little snakes in my lifetime and they still terrify me! I should probably deal with that. Even slow worms frighten me.

Dave said...

As long as you felt reasonably safe inside the RV while the snake was a safe distance from the vehicle then it looks like you made the best of a tense situation.

Can't say I ever saw a snake around the house I grew up in although one time our family cats encountered one in the small wooded area in our backyard. It was a non-poisonous snake and the cats simply pawed at it until it slithered away.

Daizy said...

Ahh, to live in a place with no deadly snakes. I think I would like that a lot. I'd probably have to give up all of this sunshine though.

Daizy said...

Dave, at least diamondback rattlesnakes aren't good climbers. Both the mobile home and the RV have steps so I feel safe inside. Those darn pack rats can climb though. I saw a little more rat activity in the RV. I hope they don't destroy it before I can clean it out and sell it.