Sunday, July 8, 2007

Saving Money DIY- Project #1: Add-On Refrigerator Water Filter

If you have one of those refrigerators with an ice maker and perhaps a water dispenser too, but it is too old to have a water filtering system, there is an easy water filter you can buy that is very simple to add-on.

I have one of these older fridges. I was very excited when I got it used off It was a great deal, only $300. I’ve had it for a over 6 months but I don’t really use the ice or water because it didn’t taste very good. Finally I decided to do something about it. I looked up water filters on the internet and discovered that adding an in-line filter wouldn’t be very complicated so off I went to the home improvement store this weekend. I found a nice filter for $10 that should last 6 months. I was thrilled. Tasty water for only $20 a year sounded great.

When I got home I moved my fridge away from the wall. Luckily it was much easier to move than I expected. Turned off the water, cut the tubing and stuck the ends in to the filter. Then I turned the water back on and the tubing shot out of the filter and sprayed water everywhere. How nice. A do-it-yourself project wouldn’t be complete with out some sort of mishap.

After I inspected the filter I found that it was missing a small connector on one end. So, it was back to the store for an exchange. This time I opened the box at the store to make sure all of the connectors were intact. Many of the boxes had been opened so I suspect other people had the same problem that I had. I had to open two boxes before I found one with all of its parts.

Back at my house it only took seconds to connect the filter. Then I scrubbed the ice container thoroughly to remove any odors. After draining off a couple of gallons of water from the water dispenser, I tasted the water. It tasted wonderful. I am very happy with my new filtered water system. It is a very easy DIY project (just make sure the filter has all of it’s parts to save yourself 2 trips!).


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