Friday, July 5, 2024

Keeping Busy with Bottle Kittens

After last summer's adventures in fostering puppies, which included a gnawed door, 3am poop-tastic playtime and very little sleep, I decided to try something different. Bottle-feeding itty-bitty kittens.

10 days old

I think I found my new calling. Sure, the first week is rough if they are newborns, with feedings every two hours. But after that it gets easier with each week. 3, 4, 5 hours feedings and then that fabulous day when they eat on their own. I am on my second group of kittens. This is much better than puppies because puppies get more difficult as they get older and kittens get easier as they get older. Also, kittens don't wake me up whining or barking, they are easy to keep in a small area and they don't go outside so no trampling my plants or chewing the watering system. I do love fostering puppies but until I build a sound proof, self-cleaning kennel, I will stick to kittens.

8 weeks old

I am still working from home for my day job. This week was our company shutdown and I love this new mandatory vacation. Sure, I have to use 4 vacation days but it gives me a glimpse into my life once I retire. I am not getting as much accomplished as I had hoped but I am enjoying my time off. The closet can wait to be cleaned. It is supposed to be 106 today and it is warmer in my closet than the rest of the house. 

I am still selling on eBay for the local animal shelter thrift store. When I started doing that in 2020, I brought home a lot of stuff that is challenging to list like old cameras, watches and junk jewelry. My living room is cluttered with unlisted things which I have to hide somewhere when I rent my house out in the winter/spring. It is my goal to clean off the couch this week. And yet when I see something like this face vase in the thrift store's outdoor discount area, I can't help but bring it home. Listed and sold within an hour for $80 despite the damage. If only everything sold that fast.

So far, no major expenses this year, yet. My microwave died this week after an issue with an electrical outlet that cost $150. I thought the microwave was going to live but it stopped heating. A new one is on the way for $120. One of my dogs had stomach issues which cost $600 but pet expenses are budgeted and my sister contributes to the fund since she gave me two dogs last year. I also spent $400 on rock, dirt and grading work on my tiny house property to fix the driveway and clear some weeds. The summer rain is working hard to wash away the driveway again. It needs a culvert instead of just bandaid fixes.

My retirement plan is still on track. Less than two years and then I will be putting the money toward projects like the tiny house, finally. And maybe a soundproof puppy kennel? 


Dave said...

Daizy dear, so good to see you posting again. I love the pictures of your cute kitties, being a cat lover, too. A few months ago, I visited a coffee bar whose owners take in cats and feed and care for them, using money they get from visitors to a large back room of their coffee bar who can play with them for $15 an hour (I did that, it was a lot of fun). I agree they are friendlier pets to take care of.

You must buy bigger microwaves than we do around here, my friend's cost only $80 or so to replace.

Good to see your retirement plan is still on track. I look forward, as usual, to calling you "my fellow early retiree!"

Lizzie Dimawi said...

I highly recommend retirement. It’s the best! :)