Saturday, March 31, 2018


The house has sold! It took 5 months of work on weekends and holidays and days off, but it is finally over.  After paying back the money I borrowed from my mother for the installation of air conditioning, and the money I raided from my nephew's college fund, I net $50k. $30 will get invested and $20 will go somewhere, maybe some projects and a trip to Europe? 

I haven't decided yet because things around here haven't slowed down. My nephew informed me on Monday that he was leaving school. His grandfather, with whom he was living during the past summer, had a stroke and is not in a position to invite him back. Unfortunately, the kid hasn't ingraciated himself with his other Minnesota relatives, so he will be returning to AZ in two days. Since I have moved in with my mother, there isn't a place for him here, or, let me be more specific, I will not be buying food for, providing meals for, cleaning up after, providing transportation for or otherwise mothering my nephew. We will be exploring housing and job options next week which will include the old mobile home which we lived in during his junior year of high school and possibly a studio apartment. But anyway, that is a future project. Let's get back to my house.

 The view from across the street. Typical 70's slump block home in Tucson, AZ.
 The 70's rock wall in the entryway. The colored glass is an interesting touch. I wonder if it is original to the house.
 Rock fireplace in the sunken living room. I used this room for storage since there is no garage.
 Looks nice with all my junk in it. LoL.
 The dining area off of the living room. I used this as the computer area.
 The family room. This is where I had my TV since it is connected to the kitchen. Make food and watch Hawaii 5-0!
 Another angle.
 The new kitchen. It didn't turn out exactly as planned. I bought cabinets from and I should have bought a sample door but I was in a hurry and when they arrived, I hated them. I had to change my plan a bit and add more lights to make them look less dreary and green.  They were supposed to be antique white. I have since learned that antique white is more like white that has sat for 100 years in a house with a wood cooking stove so that it now looks dingy and drab. I still don't like them but it doesn't matter because someone did like them and bought the house. At least they are good quality plywood cabinets instead of the particle board and plastic cabinets I had before. (except for the doors which are MDF medium density fiber board.)
 The bedroom was never this clean with all of my dogs in it. It cleaned up well though.
 This bathroom had already been remodeled by the previous owners so I didn't do anything.
 This bathroom got a new vanity cabinet, shelf, mirror, shower doors, toilet and towel bars.
The yard got cleaned up. It looks much nicer than this when the trees have leafed out. This was taken at the end of January.

So, that finishes that house. I finally don't have to go work on any urgent projects this weekend. I get to stay home and do my taxes. LoL.


philo said...

Whew! I want to be the first to say: SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU BACK.

Kim said...

Thanks for the update. I was wondering how things were going with living with your mom, your properties, and your nephew in college. The house pictures look really nice and the rooms look huge. I especially love the big windows looking out to the backyard. Next.... a pet update.

Dave said...

Welcome back, Daizy dear! I need a scorecard to keep track of all your properties including where you were living before and where you are living now. I am still confused a bit.

Rereading your October post, it appears you moved from your old house (in Tucson, how is it 45 minutes away from your pictured house in Tucson?) to one you and your mom are sharing after she sold her townhouse. And you sold your old house. You still have your two rental properties and your mobile home which is gathering dust and weeds.

So, when are you having a housewarming party so we can all come over to help you celebrate?

judilyn said...

Glad to see a post from you, Daisy. I check every so often, but you hadn't posted in a long while.

Some friends of mine have been volunteering with PACC for several years now. Is this where you get your fosters? They have ended up adopting four little ones to go with the original one that they had.

Hope everything is going well for you.

Virtual hugs,


george said...

that's great!

so, with the house sale, that means no debt?
does that mean that the small house you bought is also paid off?
good work.

Anonymous said...

wow, beautiful house. so your nephew didn't get to finish the semester? I remember that as a time when I did not know what I wanted to do. I don't think I ever really found what I wanted to do, but at least now I know do not want to do anymore. glad to see a post.

Daizy said...

@ Philo, Thanks, I wish I could say that life had slowed down but that is not the case.

Daizy said...

@Kim, living with my Mom is difficult, more difficult than I expected. I don't think I would have done it this way if I could go back. But now I'm here so I just take it one day at a time.

Daizy said...

@Dave, yes, I am sharing a house with my mom now. I have the two rental houses and my mobile home is housing my nephew. He hasn't pulled any weeds so, yes, it is growing weeds.

Daizy said...

@judilyn, yes, most of my fosters come from PACC with a few exceptions which came as strays or from the Maricopa pound. I haven't been to PACC since they opened their new building. I hear it is much nicer than before. One of my puppies from 7 years ago just got dumped at PACC. Since he was adopted through the rescue, they were able to get him out quickly and find him a foster. I wish I could foster him again but my mother doesn't want any more dogs around and I don't have time for adoption events anyway. I will definitely foster again when I have the time and a different living situation.

Daizy said...

@george, yes, no debt now. It is awesome! The small house was paid for with a home equity line of credit from my Tucson house and when I sold it that was paid off. I really love not having the first and second mortgage get sucked out of my account on the first of the month.

Daizy said...

@anonymous, yes, my nephew did not finish the semester. He left in the middle. We did get half of the tuition reimbursed so that was a nice surprise. He is still trying to decide what his next step will be. He doesn't have much money left so he had better decide something quickly.