Monday, January 16, 2017

The Planning Stage

Another week closer to my goals, or another week of my life gone, depending how one looks at it.  Where did I leave off, oh yes, Jimmy-dog had his test.  The vet called with his results and she was very surprised that he was negative for the 8 hour test.  So, yet again, he doesn't have Cushing's Syndrome.  She was convinced that the previous negative result with the 4 hour test was just an anomaly because of his symptoms.  That means more tests, but the vet is baffled at this point and asked that I bring him in again for a check-up and quick ultrasound to see if the size of his adrenal tumor has changed.  She said the magic words "bring him in at no cost" because she would have looked at him last week when he was there but was too busy.  She said she wants to consult with the endocrinologist at UC Davis to discuss his case.  I'm glad he's getting attention but I wish we had a treatment plan.

My brother-in-law came to visit last weekend.  He is my nephew's god-father as well as uncle so they spent some time together and then we went to visit his extended family who lives nearby.  We also took my mother to the airport so that she could fly out to California again to see her favorite dermatologist.  She will be back in a couple of weeks.  Not much else happened.  It rained most of the week but we managed to walk the dogs a little bit before getting hailed on.  I got the quote back for moving the washer/dryer hook up and installing cabinets and new appliances in the kitchen.  It was very affordable, only $1500 but now I need to find and purchase cabinets, countertops, etc....  I have decided to put my mortgage re-payment plan on hold to build up my cash reserves for this project.  I don't have a quote for the carport to AZ room conversion because he needs to come out again and take some measurements.  That's the one I'm really interested in because I need to figure out how to finance the project.  No rush though.  That's at least 5 months away.

For now, I am cruising craigslist for cabinets and weighing my options in my head.  This is what I want, although, on a much smaller scale since my kitchen is about 1/4th this size.

My ceilings are half as tall too. OK, so I just like the cabinets and maybe the countertop. I'll probably change my mind a few times.


Done By Forty said...

We're considering our kitchen options, too. Luckily (?) our kitchen is really small, so costs shouldn't be as high as they could be.

Our last pup had Valley Fever but kept coming up with negative tests, too. I know how stressful that can be to not really know what's up with your dog, but that he's sick. Hang in there.

Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Poor old Jimmy-dog, its endless :(
and wow, get you with your fancy kitchen!!

Daizy said...

One of the benefits of a tiny kitchen, less remodel costs. :)
Valley fever is very frustrating
The U of A is still working on a vaccine for it and I hope they find it soon. One of my dogs has it. She's done a year and a half on meds and hopefully she can reduce her dosage soon. The pills are quite expensive as you probably know.

Daizy said...

Big dreams! Little budget. We will see what it looks like in the end :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Jimmy-dog's results are contraindicating Cushing's. Hopefully it is something that is reversible or long-term manageable and they will discover whatever it is. Finger's ctossed.