Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Checking the List

Checking things off the list, one by one.  My nephew's high school choir concert was on Monday.  He came out of his room with black pants that were too tight and too short.  Good thing I saw him before he left for rehearsal because he didn't remember that I had bought him new pants a few weeks ago.  Pants changed and he was looking good.

Still working on his mustache.

Only a few days left of classes and then finals for him.  He is looking forward to the break and doesn't even mind that the weather in Minnesota is going to be freezing.  Last Saturday, I did my monthly 4 hours of trying to get my foster dogs adopted.  No luck.  Then I dropped off the dogs and picked up my nephew for volunteering at the cat shelter.  After that we had dinner at Culver's and then pants shopping at Kohl's so that I don't look neglectful when my nephew tries to wear shorts in the snow at his grandfather's house.  At least I provided appropriate clothing.  Whether he wears it or not is up to him. 

The next day I made lasagna which I meant to make for Thanksgiving but we actually had turkey instead.  The ingredients were getting old so I had to put them together.  I introduced my nephew to the movie "Scrooged" with Bill Murray.  He said he didn't need to watch it once the ghosts arrived because he knew what would happen but the movie kept him entertained enough that he kept watching.  Maybe next weekend we will watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  Lol.

This Thursday is our company audit.  It always makes me nervous because I am afraid I will be asked something that I don't know.  I've been at this company 10 years now.  I think I should know the procedures by now.  I did not expect to work there for 10 years.  5 years, maybe.  I still remember when my boss asked me what I planned to be doing in 5 years and I said I expected to have a child by then.  Turns out it did happen but I actually had a teenager instead of a newborn.  Strange how things work out.  Now that I have reached the 10 year mark, I get 4 weeks vacation!  I also got a $100/m raise for my usual annual raise.  That will be helpful.  I only took 11 days of vacation this year.  I must try harder to use my days next year because I will lose them if I don't take them by December.  I'm sure, if I put my mind to it, I will get them all used up.  That's the kind of challenge I like.


Dave said...

Remember I wrote about our local town-run animal shelter and the problems it had a few years ago? Well, there are more problems but they are not related to animal abuse, thankfully. It's more employer-employee relations, especially between the political appointees and the workers at the shelter. These idiots can't do anything right! Too bad you can't go in there and straighten the whole thing out!

I looked up Culver's on line and it looks pretty good. Besides that truck stop menu you told us about a few years ago, this looks like another winner. When you have a party and invite all of your followers to visit (after you retire, of course!), can we go to some of these great places?

You get 4 weeks of vacation after 10 years? I needed 15 years to get to 4 weeks although I needed only 5 years to get to 3 weeks. I, too, had trouble using all 4 weeks the last year (2000) I worked full-time (I worked part-time starting in mid-2001). I didn't take any extended trips out of town, so that summer I took every other Wednesday off to break up the week nicely! We were limited to rolling over 1 week without questions. I also took time off around Christmas but still rolled over days. Yes, not a bad problem to have or challenge to overcome!

Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

I feel so lazy, I get 28 days, plus a week at Christmas and of course 12 flexi days. But on the other hand you have sunshine and cheap houses!
Can you remember how quiet life was when it was just you and the dogs, and kitty?
Enjoy your Christmas movie fest!

squire said...

I hope you nephew appreciates all that you are doing for him. My hat is off to you.

Anonymous said...

hey your nephew kind of looks like he belongs to a barbershop quartet!!!

Congrats on the raise and all.

Did you go measure out by the tiny house to see if that man was really 7'4"?

Daizy said...

Lol, I think so too. But when the whole choir is together it doesn't look like it as much.

I stood on the ground by the door of the tiny house and the door knob was slightly lower than my shoulder height. In the video, the guy puts his arm out straight to open the door, so he must be around my heigh of 5'8". He must have been joking about being tall.

Daizy said...

I'm waiting for the appreciation stage. It might not happen until he has kids of his own. Hopefully that won't be soon.

Daizy said...

Whoo! 28 plus 12! That sounds great. I suppose I do like sunshine and cheap houses though. There's always a catch!

Daizy said...

Your animal shelter sou D's like the ones in Phoenix. So much politics and disorganization. Culver's came here from Wisconsin around 4 years ago. I had never heard of them. It reminds me of Dairy Queen but more variety with the food instead of the ice cream.

You only got to roll over one week? We get to roll over as many as we get so I can roll 4 weeks! I want to save them in case the company moves or closes or for when I finally retire.

Dave said...

Daizy, I should clarify: At my old job, we could roll over more than one week but we had to explain why. I don't know if people who did this had their extra rollover time rejected. I know some people were granted it if they were going to take an extended vacation, often overseas (we had many employees who had family in Europe or Asia) and wanted to take 4 weeks off (for example) and could only do that by rolling over more than one week into the next year then taking a large block of time off. Ergo, to avoid such scrutiny, I never rolled over more than one week. Also, the management wanted us to use that week by March 31st but that didn't seem to be strictly enforced. Petty stuff compared to your place!