Saturday, January 9, 2016

Week One

One week down.  I thought each quarter of high school was 8 weeks but then I looked at the calendar and it is more like 10 weeks plus 2 weeks for spring break so that means I have at least 20 more times of traveling back and forth with the boy, the luggage, and the dogs.  Yes, I am getting tired of going back and forth between the house and the mobile home.  Operation 'Get Your License' has commenced for the nephew.  I got off work early, loaded up the luggage and dogs, picked my nephew up from school, drove to the house, nephew unloaded luggage while I unloaded dogs, drove nephew to the motor vehicles department (MVD), sat and waited for an hour and a half, found out that we were too late to take the driving permit test.  D'oh.  Good news is that we will have priority when we go back.  Bad news is that I have get out of work early again.  He needs his driver's license before his senior year starts in July so that he can get a parking permit for school.  The seniors get first priority and then the juniors get the leftover permits.  Once he can drive we can live at the house and not have to be near the school bus stop.  I love living out at the mobile home but there are challenges, lack of water, maintenance issues, needs electrical upgrades, dirt road, etc... It will be easier to live out there alone when I don't have the added financial responsibilities of a teenager and I have money available for home improvements.

I finally set up my cat-cam for the storage room.  I had hoped to catch a glimpse of my Siamese mouse-catchers but when the camera alerted me to movement in the room I saw this:

Who are you?
That's not my cat.  I am glad that it is a cat though.  A raccoon or rat eating the cat food would have been disturbing.  I have missed other motion notifications from my camera at 3am so I hope that my cats are still coming around.  Maybe they prefer to come out at night.  If my cats did flee, I hope this cat will stick around long enough to chase off any mice or rats while it is here.

I brought back the borrowed cat cage and table to the cat rescue.  They have a small boutique store that benefits the cats and there are cats to adopt that roam around the store.  My nephew loves cats so I brought him along and he was in cat heaven.  He was even considering volunteering there although he really just wanted to play with the cats.

Tonight's dinner, beef stew and biscuits made almost from scratch.  I bought one of those beef stew flavoring packets so I did cut corners a bit.  It turned out well with enough leftovers for another meal.  Tomorrow I need to plan ahead and pre-cook some meals.  More homemade lasagna, maybe I will try to make mac and cheese.  Cook more chicken because chicken is always useful.  I need 4 meals.  Monday-Thursday.  Beef stew, burritos, spaghetti, hmm...chicken and rice maybe.   I better have a plan.  If I don't have a plan, fast food will call to me like a siren.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Here you apply for your provisional license by mail, then take a theory test, when you pass the theory then you book a practical. i cant work out if yours is more simple or more complex!
Sounds like you have a good plan now though, and you can look froward to moving back out to your land at some point.
We had extra cats, big boy cats, coming in stealing cat food when the kittens were smaller. Now our big fluffy boys seem to be in charge!

Daizy said...

It sounds about the same except we have to go in to the office to apply, then take the written test. Wait 6 months and have a parent certify that the student has driven 30 hours (10 at night) or pay for a professional driver training school and then take the driving test.

That's what I'm afraid of with my cats. I think they were bullied out by the larger neighbor cats. I should have done a better job of securing the outside area.

Abigail @ipickuppennies said...

That's a flurry of activity! And also a very pretty kitty. Maybe he/she is trying to curry favor for a permanent place in the house?