Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Days Go By

This time of year always flies by.  It didn't help that I was sick last weekend.  I took Friday off again but didn't get a lot done.  First I rearranged the storage room so that the cats have more 'approved' places to hide.  Hiding behind the bug spray was not acceptable.  I found a box of old documents that needed to be shredded so I sat in front of the tv and shredded them.  After that I ate lunch and took a nap because I was feeling rather poorly.  I woke up at 3 and pruned the tree that was over-hanging the driveway.  It bugged me every time I drove by.  I didn't have enough energy to drag the branches in to a pile so they are still lying there.  Then my nephew came home from school and we went back to the house in town.

Oh, but first, I should have mentioned that we (including the dogs) went back to the house on Tuesday night because my nephew had Veteran's Day off.  I managed to get out of bed early to take him to school on Thursday morning and then I left work early to take him to a dentist appointment.  He doesn't get cavities so I wasn't worried but when he came out he mentioned that he needs all 4 wisdom teeth extracted.  Yikes.  He isn't too concerned but it will cost me around $900 after insurance.  Luckily, I have enough money in my health savings account for things like this.  I decided not to rush it and try to get it done before the holidays.  Instead, I scheduled the extractions for January when he has a Monday off.  He will get them pulled on the Friday before and have 3 days to recover.

On Saturday I stayed in bed as much as I wanted and wandered around in the yard a little, collecting seeds and pulling weeds.  I still felt crummy.  On Sunday I woke up and felt 98% better which was great because we had an early Thanksgiving meal to go to with his youth group.  We brought pies.  It all went well.

Now it is Wednesday already and the weekend will soon be here.  I have Friday off again and the engineers are coming out to do the pull test on the barn-shed tie downs at 9am.  Finally!  I hope they pass the test and I can move on.  I've been waiting months for this.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Wow, its scary how much your dental costs are. We have a maximum you can pay on the NHS and if you need hospitalization then its free again. I wouldn't let anyone eat sugar or fruit, or pretty much anything at that cost. Cant afford a cavity!

Michelle H. said...

Dental costs are awful here in the US. My husband had to have a root canal and a crown. We don't have dental insurance and had to pay it all out of pocket to the tune of around $3500! Ouch! I hope that tooth lasts the rest of his life! LOL
Sorry you aren't feeling well. Maybe by the weekend it will be better.

Dave said...

I had to have my 2 wisdom teeth pulled back in 2008 before I lost my dental insurance coverage. It cost me about $10 per tooth, I had a good plan. It was something I made sure to do before I retired at the end of that year.

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I am taking a gamble by getting his teeth pulled in January. We will be using up all of our insurance for the year. I better not break a tooth! Maybe I should eat only sugar free jello for 2016 just in case.

Daizy said...

Wow, Michelle, that is terrible. My mother broke a tooth and ended up paying that much too. I went to Mexico for a crown once but I still have problems with that tooth so I'm not sure the cost savings were worth it.

Daizy said...

You are very efficient, Dave. I'm not sure I am brave enough to have my other 2 wisdom teeth pulled after the terrible pain of the other 2. I have a few more years to think about it.