Thursday, July 9, 2015

Friendly People, Horrible Customer Service

I didn't really think my vinyl floor saga could get any worse, but I was wrong.  Today was the day the that vinyl flooring, which I have been waiting for 3 months, was to arrive.  If you recall, I bought the first piece for the living room without much trouble until I took it home and found out it was 3" short.  The manager offered to exchange it but hauling it back was too much trouble so she gave me a discount on the next piece.  When I went back a week later to get another piece of the same pattern, there was only 7 feet left on the roll, the same 7 feet that was left the first time.  The manager told me she would call me on Monday when the new roll came in but I never got a call.  I called on Tuesday and they said a roll had been ordered on Saturday and wouldn't be in until 9 days later.  I pre-paid over the phone to ensure it would be there as ordered.  They told me the piece would be waiting for me Thursday which is today.  I called at 3:30 to make sure it was ready and they said it was.  

After work, I headed down to Home Depot.  My niece wasn't there yet so I found the countertop I wanted.  I was going to get white but the beige and white flecked counter looked better.  

I rolled my cart to the customer service desk to collect my pre-paid roll of vinyl.  She couldn't find it.  She called someone from flooring.  He looked and looked but all he found was the same 7 foot piece on the rack.  Finally, another associate suggested they check the receiving area.  Yep, they came back with the entire roll.  My piece hadn't been cut.  I suppose I am lucky they could even find the new roll.  They put the new roll on the rack and cut my piece.  Whew.  I am so glad that is the last piece of vinyl that I need for a while.

It took an hour to get my pre-paid vinyl.  I wanted to take it out to my mobile home but my niece offered to take it out tomorrow so we went home.  It is not going to be fun wresting that piece in to place and trimming it but I will sure be glad when it is done.

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