Friday, January 9, 2015

Planning Every Weekend

It's Friday!  I made it through the first week of the year.  I did take a half of day off so it wasn't a whole week but it is over and I survived.  When is my next holiday?  Oh, ya.  Not until April.  My choice of activities this weekend are:

-Stay home and work around the house.
-Go to my property and clean.
-Attend a workshop in order to earn credits toward manual labor for my erosion project.

What is the last one, you ask?  The company that came out to look at my property is preparing a site plan in order to control the water run-off.  They are a co-op and people, like myself, can volunteer to work on other people's projects and in exchange, I get to host a workshop at my property where people will come out and help me build rock dams.  I really don't know what that entails but I hope the site plan explains it.  I also don't know how I will get anyone to volunteer for my project because building rock dams doesn't sound very exciting.  Anyway, I need 16 credit hours of volunteer time.  Tomorrow's workshop entails painting the company's new business office which is an old adobe building.  Also, we will learn about restoring old adobe buildings and then we are supposed to make some plaques that identify the native plants on the property.  Usually the workshops involve digging and this one doesn't so I thought it would be a good one to start with.  I will earn 5 credits towards my 16 credits needed.  I hope I like it but if not, I suppose I can always forget the volunteer part and hire someone to help me build my rock dams.

Next weekend- Clean out one room of mobile home.
The following weekend- Get handyman to come out and hopefully get him to agree to my plans.
The weekend after that- Start ordering large quantities of supplies!

It's only January but I feel like the heat of summer is right around the corner.  Time to get to work!


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

exciting stuff. I think the volunteering sounds fun but you dont have time to do anything for yourself at the moment, let alone for others, so maybe its more feasible to just hire the help

Daizy said...

I did it! I volunteered! I feel so proud of myself.