Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mortgage Update for January 2015

It's mortgage update time already.  I'm still making up for prior expenditures so I only contributed $1,200 extra to my mortgage this month.    New balance:  $48,187.  If I have a really low spend month I can contribute up to $1,600 but that hasn't happened yet.  $1,200 a month extra is what I based my plan A spreadsheet on.  With plan A I will have it paid off in 2 years and 9 months.  Plan B is the accelerated plan where everything goes well and I never have any unexpected bills to pay (haha) and I add an extra $3,000 from savings at the end.  Plan B will take 2 years.  If I went back to paying just my mortgage payment I would have it paid off in 15 years.  That is way too long.

I finally heard back from my handyman.  I have been eagerly awaiting his call so that I can meet him at my property and show him what I want done.  He sent me a text today and said he spent the weekend in the hospital having his appendix removed and it will be 2 weeks before he can go back to work.  Well, I'm glad he is alright but that's a bummer.  I should call the earth-mover guy and get him scheduled so that I keep my plan going.  The people that made the site plan for me called today and wanted to know if they could do anything else for me.  I am glad they are eager to help.  It is frustrating to have to work everyday because I would much rather be working on my property but I need the money so I have to keep my job...for now.


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