Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My "Quick" Trip to the Motor Vehicles Office

Today was the day.  The Motor Vehicles Department, a.k.a. MVD, is only open M-F 8-5pm.  I bought a temporary registration online which was good for 3 days.  The big bosses were in the office on Monday and Tuesday so my boss said I could get my new car registered today when the office was less active.  I checked the wait times online and it said only a 10 minute wait.  Off I went and gave the woman at the desk my paperwork.  She asked if I had taken the car for an emissions test.  Um, no.  Because I bought the car from someone who lives in an area where they are exempt from emissions testing, I had to get the test.  Of course, the testing place wasn't near the MVD office so I drove 15 minutes (I got a little lost) and passed the test.

Back to the MVD, I proudly presented my passing paperwork to the woman at the desk and I received my number to wait in line.  It was only a 10 minute wait (the website was correct about that) and I gave all of my documents to the clerk.  He seemed pleased that I had everything, including the notarized signature of the seller and the odometer reading.  He handed me my license plate and then...oops...he noticed that the car was classified as a van on the title.  PT Cruisers were classified as trucks when they first came out but someone must have thought it looked more like a minivan.  This gentleman thought it should be something else so he sent me out to have an inspection.  That was another 15 minute wait.  My vehicle was now classified as a 4DRSW, which I can only guess means 4 door station wagon?  I don't know.  Whatever they want to call it is ok with me.  Finally, it was time to pay.  Only $62 for the registration which is good for the next 16 months.  The emissions test cost me $12.25 so I should include that in the total cost.  That is only required every 2 years.

So, 2 hours later I get back to work and my boss says,"That was fast!"  Ha, if he thought that was fast maybe I should have stopped and looked at the big sheds that are for sale near my work.  Every time I pass them I think about stopping.  It's too soon for that yet.  Maybe in another 2-3 years if I can wait that long.

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