Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up

The week started out pretty well. I took a day off on Wednesday and visited with my sister and parents.  my father was even in good spirits.  They had a baby doll at the care home and my father was talking to it as if it were one of his grand-babies.  He was talking in complete, understandable sentences which is amazing for him.  He cannot usually find the right words to say.

The rest of the week went by quickly.  Thursday felt like Monday so I was happy that Friday come so quickly.  When I saw the puppies in the morning, the little gray one wasn't jumping around as usual.  I brought him to work and was very worried about him so when I couldn't reach anyone to make an appointment for me with the vet, I just drove there.  Luckily, I was there before their surgeries started and the vet was nice enough to look at my puppy.  I left him there and went back to work.  Unfortunately, I got bad news tonight that my puppy didn't make it.  I don't know what was wrong but he was the weakest of the 4 puppies and he had already had kennel cough and pneumonia and he was only 7 weeks old.  I hope the remaining 3 puppies can find good homes soon without anymore emergency vet visits.

I don't have any plans for this weekend which means I get to do my favorite thing, putter around the house and yard and do whatever I want to do.  Pull weeds, do laundry, take a nap, play with the dogs, watch Dr. Who, and hopefully, not spend any money.


Dave said...

Nap, YES!

Spend money, NO!

Daizy said...

Nap- yes. Money spent- $0. The day was a success!