Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Rains and Garden Stuff

That was a busy weekend of cleaning, working in the yard and watching Doctor Who.  My nephew was watching Doctor Who while he was here and I got hooked.  I did 5 loads of laundry including all the bed sheets and the puppy towels.  My house got a few sprinkles of rain on Thursday and Friday and then got pounded on Saturday.  I was watching my trees bend in the wind and hoping they didn't snap.  Luckily, I didn't have any damage but I could hear a neighbor doing a lot of hammering after the storm so I am assuming his wooden fence fell down.  I did have some surprising indoor flooding when the wind, rain and hail was hitting the east side of the house.  2 of the windows on that side were not caulked well and the living room had water creeping across the tile.  I was in the middle of making my dinner when I saw the water and ran around grabbing towels to soak it up before it reached any wooden furniture.  In one of the bedrooms the carpet was wet under the window.  I put a towel along the windowsill and that was all.  The carpet was dry a few hours later.  Today I chipped away the old caulk and put some new caulk down.  Now I need it to rain again to see if I did a good job.

The backyard was a pond for a few minutes until it soaked in.  It gave me a chance to see where the water flows and today I was out there digging ditches to direct the water to my trees and garden.  I planted beans, corn, sunflowers, squash, watermelon, and devil's claw along the wall and patio.  Hopefully, something will come up.

When I finish the ditches I will line them with cardboard and fill them with wood chips to create a sponge and to deter the weeds.  I learned that from a permaculture book I read last month.  It's finally time to put some of that knowledge to the test.

I also had enough time this long weekend to look in some of my old boxes.  Soap collection, Cabbage Patch Preemie, camp cookware still in box.

Sure, I took them out and looked at them, but did I donate them or list them for sale?  No.  Not yet.  I did start a give-away pile and threw out some things.  I was able to get rid of one box.  That's not a lot but I didn't stay in that room very long because the dust was causing my nose to run like a faucet.  An allergy pill and more Doctor Who and I was back to normal.


Dave said...

Wet and Wild in Daizyland the last few days, huh? Interesting collection of items you posted there. Like that soap collection you got there!

I am away from NY for a few weeks so I will miss all the fun from Hurricane Arthur.

Can I call you Daizy the Ditchdigger now? Your variety of talents never ceases to amaze me.

Daizy said...

So much emotional attachment to that soap collection. Most of them are from my father. He would come back from business trips and we would ask what he brought us. We thought hotel soap was really special. Now I realize that he was being frugal by taking the soap home. I guess it isn't frugal if we never used it but it did save him from buying us gifts.