Thursday, June 12, 2014

Those Annoying Mysteries

The mystery of the bad service from my property management company has been solved.  After hearing nothing back from the email I sent on Tuesday night regarding the HOA violation notice that was sent back to me by the PM, I called them today.  I asked the woman who answered the phone who it was that handles HOA violation letters.  She said that she did some and another woman.  I asked to talk to the other woman but this lady, I'll call her Lisa, was hesitant and wanted to know what it was regarding.  She sounded a bit guilty so I told her that I had emailed the notice on May 30th and didn't hear anything.  Then last Tuesday I was mailed a copy of the notice which is supposed to go to the tenant.  She said,"Oh, that was me".  It turns out that she is new and still being trained.  She mistakenly sent the notices out to the owners instead of the tenants.  She also sent them out very late.  Anyway, she apologized profusely and I let it go even though it would have been nice to get a reply to my email.  I shouldn't have had to call to find out what happened.  So, that issue is fixed for now.

Today, I had a letter in my mailbox from Pima County.  It said that the property taxes on my mobile home weren't paid in 2011 and if I didn't pay by the end of the month they are going to sell it at the tax auction.  The strange thing is that I got one of these letters last year or was it the year before regarding unpaid taxes for the year 2004.  It turned out that I didn't pay the 2004 taxes by mistake.  I was distracted by all of the paperwork needed to buy my house, which is now my rental house, back in 2004.  But I have been good about paying all of my taxes since then so I spent an hour looking for evidence.  I found my old check register with the copy of the check and the tax bill with the payment portion torn off.  That doesn't exactly prove anything.  I looked for a receipt or a bank statement but I didn't find one.  My bank doesn't have online statements that go back to 2011 so I gave them a call.  They were able to look up the statement from October of 2011 and tell me that the check had been cashed.  Tomorrow the bank will send me a copy of my statement.  I wish I had remembered to ask them if they had a scan of the cashed check.  I'd like to know who signed the back.  I'll call Pima County tomorrow and see if I have enough evidence to support my claim.  I don't know how they could have cashed my check and not paid my taxes unless someone in their office was stealing.  I really hope this is the last mystery for a while.  Digging for proof that I paid a bill 3 years ago is not my idea of fun.


Dave said...

Daizy, wouldn't the old bank statement include a scanned image of the canceled check? Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

Ever since the banks stopped returning canceled checks a few years ago, I have been printing off the canceled check images on line or saving the images if they automatically appeared in the statement. I did forget to print them off for a few months a few years ago so I hope that doesn't come back to bite me in the ass (like the way your ass got bit).

I was had a taxing authority claim I did not make an (income) tax payment. It did not go back 3 years like it did for you, it was only a few months. This was back in 2004 when I still had the actual canceled check so once I read an ID # they stamped on the back of the check, they knew they had made a mistake and all was fine. I never heard from them again. I hope you have a favorable ending like I did.

Daizy said...

The bank did send me a copy of the cancelled check but I was able to clear things up before that which was really surprising to me. I was prepared to have to go down there in person.