Sunday, June 29, 2014

Chubby Puppies and a Short Week

Countdown to a three day weekend!  My nephew is here until Wednesday and then I will put the house back in order as in clean up his room, inventory the uneaten teenager food, and clean.  The forecast says rain for Friday and possibly all weekend.  After 106 all week, rain and 98 degrees will be very welcome.  I plan to get out there with my shovel and dig some basins so that the rainwater will water my trees.  I've read up on desert permaculture and soon I can put that education in to action.  I also bought some mulch for the basins.  I've decided not to fill my yard with rock, at least, not all of it.  The area by the RV gate will have rock and the rest will be plants and wood chip paths.  I'll work on it little by little and see how the dogs like it.

My little sick puppy is doing better.  He's the black one in the picture.  His sisters are so much bigger than he is.  I'm still giving him extra formula but I don't know how much milk he is able to get with his sisters blocking his way.  Hopefully, he is getting enough because I am not taking him to work with me tomorrow.

I decided that the donations to the pound will come out of my credit card rewards.  Usually, I buy Kohl gift cards with my Chase rewards to give as gifts but this time I will use the money for puppies instead.  I ordered puppy and kitten formula, disposable medical gowns, and puppy supplements.  Next time I take the puppies in to see the vet I won't be empty handed. 


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Does the garden plan mean staying here long and not moving out to your land?

Daizy said...

Oh no, I'm just practicing on this yard so that I can do it right when I move out there and start from scratch.