Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend Plans and Chance of Rain

Tomorrow's forecast:  70's and 20% chance of rain.  I'm hoping to get a load of rock for the backyard but it will depend on the rain.  Hopefully, I can get a load and if it is raining too much I'll park it under my carport until the rain stops.  I'm also hoping to buy another sun shade for the garden since the wind shredded my current one and to buy a bucket of sand for my quail.  That would be 3 chores off of my list with only 1 trip because the rock store and shade store are next to each other.

My second female quail has started laying so I am getting 2 eggs a day on some days now.  I have 11 eggs from this week.  If I can put together an incubator with items that I have around the house then I will try hatching some of my eggs.  That would be fun if it works.

If it is too rainy tomorrow, I guess I will stay inside and sort stuff like I should be doing every weekend until this house is cleared out.  I got rid of 3 boxes of clothes and other items on Thursday when there was a curbside pickup for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  After it was gone I started thinking about what I gave away and wondering if I should have reused some items instead.  On the other hand, every time I pass the front door, the other voice in my head says "Yay!  That stuff is gone!  Doesn't it look so much better without the clutter?"  Yes, I have conflicting voices in my head, the Packrat verses the Minimalist.  They fight all the time.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

I have those same voices. I hate waste and dont like to buy something when I can make do. But I still havent missed anything which has gone so I think my inner minimalist is winning. Every chance of rain here, as always. Jamal is in Singapore though and sadly missing some cold, rainy days :)

Daizy said...

I kept thinking that I should have gone through the boxes one more time but the voice is getting quieter now and I am happy to have more space. We got a few drops of rain today! It was a major event. I'm sure I would get tired of rain if it happened every day.