Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Over-Looked Expenses

There are some random expenses that I can't seem to remember, like annual dog shots and checks.  The first one is kind of in my budget.  I mean, I have a dog category in my budget but I usually spend all of that money on dog treats because I am a terribly over-indulgent dog parent.  The other one, checks, is only needed every 3 or so years depending on my check writing requirements.  Most of my monthly expenses are done online with a credit card or directly from my bank account.  There are still a few hold outs like the water/sewer/trash bill which had to be paid by check.

Anyway, I have both of these bills this week.  Luckily they are not large bills.  Dog shots are only $24 at the discount clinic and basic boring checks are ... let me just look it up here...yikes!  $30!  That's a little more than I expected.  I'll have to do a little research tomorrow to see if I can find them cheaper or if I get free checks with my account.  I get free checks with my other bank account that I use for my emergency fund.  Maybe I should stop using Chase checks or only use them when an in-state check is required.  If I have to pay $30 I bet I could make the next set of checks last a very long time.

**Update** A quick search on the internet and I found these Walmart checks.  I never would have thought to look at Walmart for checks.  One box of 150 duplicate checks for $7.46.  That's a lot cheaper than $30!  I'll keep looking tomorrow and see if I can find any better deals.


Dave said...

You pay $30 for new checks? I have rarely, if ever, paid more tan $10 for new checks. In 2012 I paid $7.50 for a box of 150 (they downsized from 200, as you probably know). It was from Checks Unlimited. I buy checks every 4 years so this is a trivial expense on an annual basis.

Daizy said...

I don't think I have paid $30 yet. I think I got this last box of checks for free when I opened the account but I'm not sure. It has been a while. I'll have to stop in the bank and ask them if I get free checks, if not, I will definitely not buy them through the bank. $30 is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Are there any credit unions you can join. I get a free order of checks each year from my credit union, but I so far only needed the one order. I think I might...maybe need another order in 2 years

Daizy said...

Anonymous, I've tried the local credit unions and they weren't convenient. I'll have to ask my bank is I get free or discounted checks or buy online at a much cheaper price.