Friday, April 18, 2014

Finally a 3 Day Weekend

It was a wonderfully relaxing day off today.  The HVAC guy came to start up my cooler and shut off my furnace in the morning which got me out of bed before 9am.  I spent the day watering my garden and trees, tidying up the house and yard, and watching movies.  My Desert Willow trees are blooming.  Aren't they pretty?  They smell good too.  I bought them 2 years ago through the electric company's Trees for Tucson program.  They survived being thrashed by my puppies and now this one is a little bit taller than me.

I have planted 7 trees in my yard.  Soon I will have shade!  Then I'll probably sell the house, move back to my property and plant more trees!  I planted trees on my property when I lived there but last year's freezing temperatures and last Summer's lack of rain killed off 2 of them.  There is only one left and I am not there to cover it or water it so I don't know if it will still be there when I move back.

Here is my little dog patiently waiting for me to finish watering the garden.  He dug a small hole, lay down in it and put his head on my foot so he was all comfy.  

I also changed my nephew's Summer flight so that he doesn't have to change planes.  That means I have to pick him up in Phoenix but I'm willing to do that at least until he is 16 and has a little more airport experience.

2 more days of no work!  3 day weekends are just lovely.  I need more of them.


Dave said...

Ooooh, we get to see Daizy's covered left leg and foot. You're such a tease LOL!

You won't have to wait too long for your next 3-day weekend, Memorial Day.

We are finally getting some nice, spring weather here in NY. Highs in the mid-60s, lows are beginning to rise some more, into the low 40s.

Daizy said...

You are funny, Dave. Maybe, if you are lucky, I'll post my picture on the day that I quit my job. I've seen my blog photos show up in google searches. I definitely don't want anyone from work finding my blog until I am long gone!

Mid-60's is nice working outside weather. I was outside on a ladder today in mid-80's. It was a little too hot.

Oh, and I'm giving myself a 3 day weekend sooner than Memorial Day. My birthday and Mother's Day are on the same day this year so I'm giving myself the Monday after as a present to myself.