Sunday, March 16, 2014

Taxes Done!

At least, I finished answering all of the questions that threw at me.  I always feel like I am doing them wrong.  Why can't taxes be more simple?  Now, I will wait for a week or two and then review all of my entries before I submit Federal and State forms and then eagerly wait for the refunds to show up in my bank account.  Since I was the proud owner of a dependent in 2013, I got to claim head of household for the first time ever.  I think I should be able to claim head of household for these other 4 legged dependents.

They certainly don't earn their keep, well, except as house protectors, bed warmers, and official enthusiastic greeters when I get home from work.  Maybe they do earn their keep.


Dave said...

Is it fair to say you are getting refunds for 2013 mainly due to your being HoH and declaring a dependent for part of the year, something you did not necessarily anticipate when you set up your tax withholding (and did not adjust midyear once it happened)? Otherwise, you are aware that tax refunds are simply getting your own money back that you loaned to the government interest-free.

The last time I got a tax refund was back in 2005 because I made a mistake on an estimated tax payment a few months earlier. Since I retired, I have zero taxes withheld so I always owe money in April after some estimated tax payments.

Wouldn't a single filer with no dependents, your usual situation 2013 notwithstanding, have a pretty easy tax return? You probably itemize your deductions now that you have a mortgage again, but otherwise I would think yours are pretty easy otherwise.

Daizy said...

Interest rates are so low, I kind of like the idea of getting a lump sum. No chance of me spending it on other things.

My lack of record keeping is what is the problem. I have to search for rental house expenses and I never know if I am claiming everything that I can.

I have gotten rid of most of my individual stocks but I have one from my old job. I tried to sell it many years ago but they told me I didn't own any shares. I must have called the wrong number. Anyway, it split in to two different holdings last year and they sold off the fractional shares. Unfortunately, they left it up to me to figure out the tax basis. I will never buy another individual stock again. Next time, mutual funds only.

Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Come here, unless you have something very weird going on or are self employed then they are all done automatically (thank goodness!)

Daizy said...

I don't know if I could adapt to all that rain after living in AZ, Lizzie. I should visit some day. I've only been to Heathrow airport once and I was running to catch my flight. I do remember Big Ben and the river from the airplane though. Just like in the movies!