Monday, March 10, 2014

My Black Hole of Auto Repair

It all started when I put off an oil change.  I didn't want to spend a Saturday morning at Brake Max, my usual spot so I was going to take half a day off and do it then.  But then I really didn't want to use half a day vacation on an oil change so when my boss suggested that I let his auto mechanic friend change my oil, I thought it might be worth paying a little extra money since he would pick up and drop off the vehicle from my work.  Then I asked him to look at my broken remote door lock.  My dog broke the door lock and the window crank (do people still have those?).

Next thing I know, I am paying for new break pads, spark plugs and wires, I don't even know what else.  I am terrible about truck maintenance.  I know it needed work but it was beginning to feel like a charity arrangement.  So, I kept giving the guy work as long as new parts kept showing up on my truck.  Today was supposed to be the last day for repairs but then he called me with the bad news.  Someone smashed the back window while he was in the auto parts store.  I assume they wanted to steal the truck.  There isn't any fancy stereo or anything else of value.  Small trucks are very popular near the Mexico border though.

I don't have glass insurance.  The guy says he will pay for the replacement but it is going to cost around $250 because it needs a whole new back window.  I know the guy doesn't have money to spend on my window.  I'm leaning towards just paying for it myself and getting one of those glass companies that will come out to my work.  I don't want my truck going out of my sight any time soon.  I requested 3 quotes so tomorrow I will figure it all out.  I just want the spending to stop and my truck to be ok again.  The good news is my remote door locks work again.  At least that's something.

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