Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weekend Projects

Another weekend slipped by.  I don't know where they go.  I did a lot of chores, visited my dad and put pictures up in his new room, helped my mom with her computer issues, and even tried a few new things.

I've been reading about making my own vanilla extract.  I ordered the vanilla beans on Amazon and bought vodka at the store.  I sliced the beans longways and put 3 in the small jar and 5 in the larger jar and filled them with alcohol.  I'm supposed to shake the bottles every day or every week depending on the recipes I have read.  It will be ready in 3 weeks or 3 months.  Sounds like there is a lot of room for error so I'm pretty sure I can handle this project.

Another recipe I tried today was roasted cauliflower.  I see people post recipes about it all the time so I had to try it.  It was pretty good.  I was supposed to cut it up in smaller pieces.  I liked the roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes better.

I finally moved my white quail out of my storage room.  It was getting messy in there with the sawdust and bird food.  I decided to give my aggressive quail another chance with the 2 hens.  They used to co-habitate just fine until I moved them in to a cage where they could see the golden quail through the wire.  That's when the white male started beating up his females.  So, I took a plastic dog crate and added a wire bottom to keep their feet clean.  Maybe if they are in a more enclosed cage they will stay calm.  It's worth a try.  So far they like it.

I had another 5 quail eggs for breakfast on Saturday.  I just can't get over how cute they are.  I got 1 egg every day last week.  I have 4 hens so I hope to get 4 eggs a day soon so I can share them.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

And if it all goes horribly wrong then at least you have vodka!!

Daizy said...

Ah yes! Half a bottle left. I forgot to shake them tonight so maybe I had better leave the vodka on the counter so that I remember!