Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mortgage Payoff Progress for Jan. 2014

I still have some surplus money in the bank from selling my RV and cars so I am able to make my extra mortgage payment in the middle of the month instead of waiting until the end.  Plus, I just can't wait!  I love watching the mortgage balance go down.

Extra payment: $1,200
Only $64,560 to go!

Another 4 payments and I'll be in the 50's, Yay!  3 years and 9 months before the mortgage is gone if I can keep up these extra payments.  I had to pay $150 to fix the refrigerator at my rental house this month but that's why I save $50 every month out of the rent for expenses.

I am trying not to spend a lot of money on projects around here but there are just so many things that I want to do to the kitchen and bathroom and yard.  If I go really slow then it won't seem like I am spending as much money, right?  This weekend will be more shed painting.  I hope we can finish it and I need to cover the water heater closet once again.  My last quick fix did not last.  I'm going to have to actually get out my power tools.  I mean business this time!  Then I will load up the 3 dogs houses that are just deteriorating in the sun and give or sell them.  If I get all of that accomplished then maybe I can focus on the kitchen again.  I will be good to complete something so I can stop thinking about it.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Well done. I need to up my game, feels like I am going nowhere with my mortgage

Daizy said...

You seem to be doing well in the grocery category though. I spend way too much on food and I think it mostly goes to the dogs.