Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 2 and Still Focused

I was expecting another quiet day at work but 5 more people were in the office today.  I probably shouldn't have just pulled my hair in to a quick ponytail and worn my comfy clothes.  Luckily, I have my own office so I could hide my ratty tennis shoes.

My de-cluttering is going well.  I gave an extra dog bed to my sister.  I love soft, fluffy dog beds.  I don't give them to the dogs, I just like to collect them.  One of my dogs likes to use fluffy dog beds as his own giant plush toy.  I gave up on trying to repair their soft crate mat.  
If it looks like a donut, it must taste like a donut!
The dogs can now chew on it and pull out the stuffing if they want to.  I give the dogs the more durable patio cushions and throw blankets to lounge on.  They don't chew up the patio cushions.  It must be because they aren't soft and fluffy like stuffed animals.  

I also threw out my scale.  It was actually my back-up scale.  The scale that I recently bought from the thrift store looks pretty with its faux granite finish but it doesn't seem accurate.  I had a basic scale left from my tenants and I finally cleaned it up and stepped on it but it is even worse than my other scale.  Actually, they are opposite.  My fancy scale always says the same weight.  My old scale says something different every time.  I have one more scale out at my property, the kind with the sliding weights like a doctor's scale.  Next time I go out there I will bring it home and see if it works.  If not, there are 3 scales I can get rid of.

And in the trash category, I consolidated my Christmas decorations and threw out the extra bags and containers and put the boxes in the recycle bin.  This is a very good start.  Now I just have to keep going for another 363 days.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Doughnuts! Yum

Daizy said...

I still have the donut bed. If it was fluffy it would have been eaten.