Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mortgage Progress for December

I decided to make my extra mortgage payment a week early because I have extra money in my account and I was bored today.  Adding another payment to my spreadsheet always makes me happy.

Another $1,200 for the mortgage brings the total to $65,882.  Slowly and steadily the balance is going down.  Another 3 years and 10 months of extra payments and my mortgage will be gone.  That seems too far away but this house works well for me right now.  I will downsize my stuff a little bit at a time until I am able to semi-retire and move to a smaller place.

My family visitors were a lot of fun last weekend.  We went out to eat too much and saw Frozen.  They took some books with them, my mother emptied 2 of her boxes which are stored behind my couch, and I put a bucket and 2 bi-fold doors out for the bulk trash pickup.  Even though those doors would make great garage shelves, they will have to be someone else's shelves because I have neither the time nor the space for them right now.  I have more space and less projects cluttering my mind.  I love progress!


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Your house looks very impressive in the photo. Impressive mortgage and de-cluttering progress too. Very satisfying

Daizy said...

Well, thank you very much. I can't say that my house is very fancy compared to others around here but it is simple and just right for me for right now. I'm very lucky to have found it.

Unknown said...

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