Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Self-Prioritizing Chore List

I made it through my 3 days of work even though it was busy because our Mexico plant does not get Thursday and Friday off (they have their own holidays) so it was just a normal week for them which meant many calls and emails.  Many of the US employees took the whole week off but not me.  I only have 2 vacation days left until the end of next week when my vacation time regenerates.  I just found out that my sister and her family are staying at my house the weekend of Dec. 7th as they drive back up to Washington State so I am going to take that Monday off to wave good-bye.  This means, of course, that I now NEED to get rid of the boxes in my living room!  Before, it was just one of the many chores on my list.  Now it is a need.  That is how things usually go around here though.  I have my never-ending list of chores and the urgent chores float to the top as needed.

The other urgent chore on my list is to paint my shed out on my property.  I noticed that the seams where the siding is nailed has started to expand.  I should have painted it long ago.  I will try to go out there on Friday if the weather is good.  I need to, at least, paint the seams.  I will also, somehow, block off the hot water heater closet from the rain since the door blew off.  Then I will find my fake Christmas tree and see if it is still in good enough shape for my mother to use at her townhouse.  If I have time, I will gather up a load of things to give away.  Yesterday, I had 2 notices in the mail from charities doing neighborhood pickups next week.  I might as well take the opportunity to easily get rid of a few things.

I will be having Thanksgiving with my parents and sister tomorrow.  We don't have anything elaborate, just turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberry sauce and some pies.  Hopefully, it will go well.  We have a tradition of Thanksgiving calamities from stomach flu to funerals.  So far this year there was only a dog bite (not one of my dogs) and, well, my dad being in a home now.  That is plenty.

Some good news, I was reluctant to cancel Netflix by mail because I wanted to watch the rest of Farscape but I cancelled it anyway with the hopes that it would come to Netflix Instant soon.  I was also considering cancelling Netflix Instant and going over to Amazon Prime because they have Farscape in their library.  But today I got an email from Netflix informing me that Farscape is now on Netflix Instant.  Yay!  I just finished Fringe so I was looking for a new show.  I was contemplating Continuum or Alias but I wasn't that excited about either one.  Now I have Farscape to keep me happy for a while.

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week whatever you are doing!


Jean said...

I am sorry about your dad. The holidays are really different when that happens. I hope you have a productive weekend!

Daizy said...

So far so good and 2 more days to go! I love long weekend.