Friday, November 22, 2013

Mortgage Progress For November

I was able to make my extra $1,200 principal payment today since I have extra money in my bank account from selling my RV.  It sure is nice to have some extra padding unlike my last mortgage payment plan where I was counting pennies every month.  The grand total is now $67,199.  Of course, I had to see what would happen if I put my RV money towards my mortgage so I plugged it in to my spreadsheet.  It only shortened my pay-off plan by 2 months.  I think I will just hold on to that money in case I need it for something else (like kitchen cabinets).

It rained today for the first time in a many weeks.  I decided not to go grocery shopping after work because it was cold and wet.  I know, I am a spoiled Arizonan who is used to only sunny days.  I came home and pulled out my sister's old bread machine.  I had never used it but I recently bought bread flour and yeast so I was ready to try.  It is baking right now so I don't have the results yet but I hope it turns out well.

Tomorrow I have narrowed my chores to:
Organize the living room or...

Paint the bathroom.

Everything else on my list is an outdoor chore and it is supposed to be raining off and on so I will stay in.  I will also be tempted to bake stuff since it is finally cold enough to turn the oven on.  I already baked brownies tonight for no real reason.  I think I will take some brownies to my Dad on Sunday.  I inherited my chocoholic-ism from him.  Even though he has forgotten most of his life, he still likes chocolate.

Anyway, December is going to be a real challenge.  It is so easy for me to over-spend on gifts if I am not careful.  I need to focus on quality not quantity this year.  My nephew will be at my house for Christmas and I do feel pressure to make it a great Christmas for him.  I must stick to my list!


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

wow, that is a serious amount of stuff that wants to be sorted Good lcuk!

Dave said...

I think you want to paint your bathroom on a day you can be sure you can keep your windows open to vent the fumes. If you can't do that when it rains, then put off the painting until later.

Brownies sound great! I like to bake them, too. Too bad we can't show off our baking skills to each other. :(

Anonymous said...

We're trying to keep to this little rhyme for all the kiddos' Christmas this year:

Something you want,
Something you need,
Something to wear,
Something to read.

That's right - 4 gifts per kid, along those parameters. We've always tried to pace ourselves and not overdo everything each year, but have always blown our sane plans/budgets.

This year the little poem is our guide, the kids are making their list accordingly, and we're all excited!

We'll spend the majority of the season making memories instead of shopping trips - playing games, visiting friends and family, watching movies, going caroling, community projects…less money, more life.

Have you thought of teaching your nephew to bake this Christmas? It's a fun life-skill and sure to pay-off for his future significant others ;)

- Lee

Daizy said...

Lizzie, and that's only half of what was in the RV! Too much.

Daizy said...

Dave, the sun did come out in the afternoon but I had already decided to put it off again. Maybe next weekend.

Daizy said...

lee, I have heard that rhyme before but forgot it. I will have to remember it this year. I should teach him how to make pumpkin bread. He is always asking for it and I told him that next time he was going to make it himself. Perfect opportunity.