Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekend Plans

Life is much more complicated now that I have people in my house.  It used to be just my own problems and the dogs' problems.  Now we have school problems and retired people problems.  My mother and I have given up on helping my nephew with his homework.  To save our mental health we have hired a college student to tutor him.  If this doesn't work then maybe a second year of 8th grade is what he needs.

My parents' house still hasn't sold but I have decided to show them the possibilities of retirement living.  Tomorrow we are going to visit one of those apartment type places with activities, food, and assistance if needed.  I think we will visit one place every weekend.  They usually offer a free lunch so at least we will get that.  Next weekend we can try a place on the East side and then the South.  My mother is reluctant but hopefully she will like them.  I want her to meet some friends who share her interests and can relate to her problems but I still want to live nearby.

One of my dogs got adopted last week.  They get a one week trial period so I got an email today that said they love her and want to keep her.  I still have 2 little fosters.  I should go to an adoption event but I'd rather get a free lunch at the retirement community.  I know, I know...those aren't really exciting weekend plans.  Someone has to do the research though so we might as well get started.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I think thats probably a good idea Maybe he doesnt take you seriously enough because you are too close. Good luck. If mum and dad find a suitable retirement home what happens to your nephew though? Do you get him without them? That sounds even scarier.

Anonymous said...

Dear Daizy,
So much going on, don't forget to look after yourself.

Daizy said...

Yes, Lizzie, he would live with me. I think it would be easier in some ways. I would hope my parents would still be able to pick him up from school some days and watch him on holidays. We will be looking at more places tomorrow. Gee, I'm never going to get my backyard landscaped if I keep filling my weekends like this!

Daizy said...

Thanks Philo. I took a nap today. Does that count?