Sunday, November 25, 2012

Other People's Stuff

This was a wonderful long weekend and I wish I had a couple more weeks off.  I went out to my property and was, of course, overwhelmed by the amount of things that need to get done out there.  Didn't see any rattlesnakes this time so that was a good thing.  The garage is getting worse.  I'm going to have to pay someone to jack up the corner so that I can open the door and get the old car out of there before the garage falls down and squashes it.  I picked up my Christmas decorations and tree and brought them home but I haven't put them up yet.  Maybe next weekend.  Some of the neighbors have already covered their homes and yards with elaborate lights and decor.  I better not join that club.  I don't want to pay that electric bill.

Yesterday one of my friends was getting ready for her father's estate sale so I brought my parents over to see if they wanted to buy anything for their new apartment.  We ended up buying around $300 worth of stuff including a recliner, plastic bins, a bench, end tables and 5 lamps.  Whatever they don't need for their apartment I will use around the house because when they move I am going to need a few things.

My living room is in disarray but soon most of it will be moved out.  I told my mom that she can leave some boxes and I will hide them behind the couch.  I don't want her to spend too much time agonizing over family photos and heirlooms.  She's had to go from a large 2 story house to my house and now to a 2 bedroom apartment.  It will take some time to pare down the stuff.  In the meantime, I will ignore the living room and focus on getting through another 5 days of work.  I'm looking forward to the weekend already.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

How about moving back out to your land and renting the house out? Might be good for your nephew? Does this mean Mum & Dad have managed to sell up now?

Daizy said...

Nope, they haven't sold yet. They will be renting for now. I seriously considered moving back out there but the only way would have been to put a new manufactured home on the land. I just don't like manufactured homes that much. I would need a block wall too. The amount of money that it would take would be more than I have. The final negative thing was that my nephew would be riding the bus twice as long as before and changing buses. The only plus would be that he could walk to the bus stop. It was just too much money and work. I'll stay here and save up so I can build a real house someday.