Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Not Another Hobby

It was still over 100 degrees last weekend so I decided to go shopping instead of out to my property.  Well, that and I got another weed notice from my HOA so I needed to buy some weed killer.  I stopped at the thrift store for a couple of Fall shirts and sweatshirts even though it is way too hot for sweatshirts.  I am looking forward to wearing them soon though.  Usually by the end of October it is chilly enough.  

Then I stopped at Kmart because it was the only place that supposedly sold the weed killer that I was looking for.  They didn't have it but they had something similar.  Next was Home Depot for a folding door for the new bathroom and then to turn in the adoption paperwork for my foster dog who got adopted.  After that I picked up some oat bran for my mother at Sprouts.  

Target came next and I was hoping to find one of those exercise steps to use for our new shower but I guess they only sell them online.  I should check the used sports/exercise equipment store next weekend.  Target had this cute table with a fold out leaf on clearance but I couldn't find one in a box and the employee said that they weren't allowed to sell the floor models.  That stinks.  

Lastly, I wandered around Big Lots and decided to use my 20% discount on a video camera.  With my parents and nephew here now I should be making some family movies.  It was $35 after the discount.  Now I just have to find the time to use it.  I downloaded some free editing software and I have no idea how it works.  Just what I need, a new hobby.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Do you remember how simple life was back on your land? Didnt you even get bored sometimes????

Daizy said...

Oh yes, it did get boring when I was ignoring all the chores and didn't have enough money to fix anything up. Those were the good old days! I still catch myself day dreaming about turning my tiny shed in to a cabin. I only have 5 dogs now, I think I could fit...except for the parents and nephew!

msjeenee said...

You're an antie-mom-sis now. You can't leave that brophew of yours! haha

Daizy said...

Ok then, in 5 years I can move in to my shed house. He'll be in college by then...we hope.