Thursday, August 2, 2012

Change In Routine

My days are so busy now I barely have time to write.  Sadly, both of my puppies died.  They both refused to nurse and then were dead one day apart.  They were very small puppies for such a large dog.  I think they were premature.  The momma was also sick right before giving birth and the puppies were born in sick bay at the pound, not the cleanest place for puppies to be born.  Anyway, the momma dog is very friendly although a bit high strung.  I hope she mellows out.  It will be about 3 weeks before her milk dries up and she can be spayed and put up for adoption.

I don't have any dogs to take to the adoption event so I get to do my own thing this Saturday which will probably be take my cocker spaniel to the groomers, give momma dog a bath, do laundry.  Exciting stuff isn't it?

I picked my nephew up from the bus stop yesterday and was late getting there.  I got caught in traffic and missed the turn off.  I was 7 minutes late but the bus driver told me I was supposed to be there 5 minutes early.  I didn't realize that the bus would wait for me.  I thought they would just let the kids off and leave like they did when I was a kid.  A lot has changed in 30 years.

Today I was 7 minutes early to meet the bus.  The bus was 9 minutes late.  It was a different bus driver.  If only that bus driver had been driving the day before we would have arrived around the same time.  Oh well, this school stuff is all new to me.  Tomorrow I get to pick my nephew up and take him back to work with me because he doesn't have football practice.  That should be interesting.

I'd better go to bed.  I have to get up early and take him to school too.  I could leave at 6am and take him to the bus stop or I could sleep until 6am and drive him to school at 7.  I prefer the latter.  I get to work early but I get to leave early too.  I only have to be the substitute driver for one more day I think, then it's back to my regularly scheduled routine.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Poor puppies, very sad. I hope mum is okay.

Wow, you needed a few moer resopnsibilities in your life. Is he not old enough to walk to the bus stop yet? Maybe boarding school would be the answer to your dreams.............

Dave said...

Your nephew is in a year-round school? No summer off in AZ, yuck.

When I was a bus driver for a day camp about 30 years ago, we could not drop off a kid at an unattended house. We had to take the kid back to the camp after our run. Thankfully, that happened to me only once, and I stopped off at the kid's house on the way back, and the mother was home. She was so glad (not to have to go to the camp and face the camp director LOL) she gave me $10!

I hope this meet-up-with-the-bus thing is not an open-ended deal, Daizy.

Daizy said...

Ha Lizzie, we joke about boarding school. The bus stop is really far, like 7 miles. I wish he could walk. It would make things much easier.

The momma dog seems quite happy to be puppy-less. Makes me think she sat on them or something.

Daizy said...

Dave, I think they get 4 weeks off for Summer then 2 weeks in Fall, Winter and Spring or something like that.

I hope that was the only time I have to meet the bus, at least for now. My mom should be able to drive again on Monday.