Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Un-Buried Cable And More Waiting

The Century Link tech never showed up last Friday so I emailed them again and today I got a phone call.  The guy told me that he had a work ticket for my house but it said my wire was chewed (old problem) and since I only have DSL internet, not phone, the request was sent to the wrong department.  He told me that he would transfer me to the right department and I got a bit nervous as I listened to the super-annoying Century Link recording over and over again.  Luckily he come back on the line in a few minutes and then sent me over to someone in Utah who was able to set me up with an appointment today.  My parents were home so I didn't have to leave work which was nice.

The new tech. came out and took a look at the line running through my backyard and said, yes, it needs to be underground.  He will put in a work order for the digging permit and get back to me in 4 weeks...hopefully.  They will have to tear up part of my backyard too.  Good thing it is not the side with the dogs and it is only dirt at the moment.  See, sometimes it is good to procrastinate those landscaping chores.

The handyman that was recommended by the realtor came out yesterday.  I told him that I wanted a 8'x12' patio cover over my sliding door.  He said I should just continue the existing patio cover and by the time he was finished talking and measuring the patio cover had grown to an enormous size.  I'm sure I can't afford that but I haven't seen the quote yet.

Since I get next Wednesday off for the 4th of July I am going to just work on my own patio cover.  I'm am hoping for something waterproof since my shade fabric doesn't do anything to keep the water away.  Maybe I will take Thursday and Friday off too.  This sounds like a big project plus I still need to install the AC units.   No holiday for me.  


Dave said...

Bad luck on the minor runaround you got and their having to dig up your backyard. But that bad luck seems minor compared to the good luck of having only dirt, away from the dogs, and having your parents around to keep you from missing work (or maybe that is not such good fortune?).

Still, reading about all your home tasks makes ME feel worn out LOL!

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Nothing ever goes right and everything costs more than you expect. Sad but true

Daizy said...

Dave, I certainly do seem to have a lot of chores around here but I must admit a lot of the I have created myself...like anything dog related. It does keep life interesting though.

Daizy said...

Lizzie, too true. If the opposite were true would we all be rich and bored? haha.