Thursday, June 21, 2012

Century Link Re-Run

Do you remember when I moved in to this house back in March and I couldn't get the phone jacks to work?  I ran my internet line from the outside terminal box through the bathroom window.  Luckily it is a wireless modem so I didn't have to be plugged in to the bathroom.

Then after a very frustrating phone call to Century link and getting transferred 4 times, I finally got someone to come out and take a look.  He fixed the phone jack problem but told me I had a bigger problem with my connection in the alley.  He ran a temporary line over the back wall and it is still hanging from my patio cover.    In 45 days, he said, Century Link would be back out with digging permits to fix the problem in the alley.

That was April 7th.  I waited patiently.  Today I found the old email conversation about the initial trouble ticket and I asked when they were coming back.  Not surprisingly, they had no record of work needing to be done.  The email response said that they would have to send another tech out to check the problem and request further repairs.  I suppose that will mean another 45 days of waiting.

At least I had that old email so that I didn't have to try to explain the situation again.  That would have been frustrating.  One good thing about having my parents here is that they will probably be home to let the technician in although I could have just left the gate open for them.  Tomorrow before 5 I hope there will be some progress and hopefully not any disconnected service.  That would be very bad.


Dave said...

That kinda stuff is maddening when you have to explain the same problem over and over. Similarly, when you expect someone to visit who is never going to arrive and they never tell you.

Unrelated, you have probably heard about the northeast getting roasted with Arizona-like weather the last few days after weeks of pleasant weather. So you could come here and feel....right at home with our 94-degree temps LOL!

Daizy said...

I'm not sure if the tech. showed up today or not. The mystery continues...

Only 94? I think it was 106 today but it's a dry heat right, so that makes it not as bad.