Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little Projects

I usually have around 30 minutes to work on something after work.  I still need to put my parents' bookshelf together and make dog adoption signs but today I decided to re-configure the puppy fence so that they have a protected and shady area near my sliding glass door.  This will also help keep my room cooler since it is a West facing door.  I should have taken a picture but today's efforts were quite crude and nothing that I was proud of (except that it hasn't fallen over yet).  I nailed a sheet to the eaves and attached it to the top of the fence as well as draped the fence with another sheet.  It kind of looks like a fort.  I would like to buy some shade fabric so that it is a little more durable and will keep the rain off of that area.  At least it is a start.  I can make improvements as necessary.  I sure hope we don't have wind in the forecast.

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