Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dogs and Trees

I say it every time.  I can't believe the weekend is over already.  I'm going to try to get up early so that I can put in an hour at work before I have to leave for the dentist but I don't know if that will work out.  I had one sick puppy on Friday and I had to force feed her for 2 days until she felt better.  Today she ate on her own and was ready to play.  Unfortunately, she has 4 siblings who have also started to cough.  I hope they all eat their breakfast because force feeding 4 puppies is not something I have time to do in the morning.

After taking care of all of the dogs today I was able to get a nap.  It was only an hour but the dogs joined in and we all had a peaceful rest.  My blind cocker spaniel has mastered the dog door but he always ends up stepping in the water dish and leaving muddy footprints all over my bathroom.  I need one of those dog dish buffets that keeps the dishes off the ground.  My new momma dog slept inside last night.  She had been outside but she started barking at 4am so I brought her in.  Luckily the other dogs weren't too disturbed by her presence.  It always takes about 2 weeks for the new dog to find their place in the pack and to find a place of their own to sleep.

It was hot today so I waited until sundown to start digging holes for the new trees that I bought through the Trees For Tucson program.  I bought one chinese pistachio and two more desert willows.  The spot that I picked for the pistachio just happened to be where one of the old trees was so the spot was full of roots.  I was able to pull out some roots and dig a hole but it was dark by the time I got the tree in the ground.  Maybe I should just try for planting one tree a day.  That is probably a little more realistic.

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