Saturday, April 7, 2012

Temporary Link

I got a reply from my Century Link email and they said they would send someone out today. That was awfully nice of them to fulfill my request and not argue or transfer me somewhere else or try to upsell me on services. Bright and early my phone rings this morning. I almost didn't answer but then remembered that the service man was coming today. He said he would be here in 20-30 but I think it was more like 15 minutes.

He looked at the problem and I said that upon further inspection I didn't think the chewed wire was the problem because the wire was actually coming from the outside service to the box not from the box into the house like I first thought. He looked at it and switched some wired around and then said to go try an indoor phone jack. I still didn't get anything and it turns out that not only was the wire chewed (which was the least of the problems), the phone jack in the kitchen was bad, and there is a problem from the alley to my house. He said that he doesn't know how I was getting internet service at all.

He ran a temporary line from the alley through my yard and other repairmen will come back in 45 days to fix the alley problem. They need a backhoe and a digging permit. That's ok with me because he changed out my bad jack so all of my house jacks work and I was able to move my modem out of my bathroom. The modem is in the dining room now which is where my mom's computer is that needs to be hooked to the modem directly.

I mentioned the fiasco I had calling Century Link and he said that the outsourcing contract will expire this year and that even he gets frustrated and will hang up if he gets an outsourced agent.

In other news, I bought a piece of plywood for my nephew's loft bed so that is all taken care of. Now we just need to get it more organized in there. My mom and I spent a lot of time trying to organize and condense the boxes in the living room. We put all of the Christmas ornaments and boxes of family photos behind the couch and I set up my TV and attempted to clean off a portion of the couch so that it is a usable space again. I thought we would have to use the whole living room for storage but it looks like we will be able to use the room after all.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

45 days? Wow, such service.

Dave said...

My friend has had some phone line problems in the last few years. One, a few years ago, was so bad she lost land line phone service for a week because they had to dig up something up the street (sound familiar?). A few weeks ago there was another snag which was in the junction box room of her apartment building.

But in both cases, her DSL internet service ws unaffected even though it shares the same phone line. Yes, even though they had to dig something up nearby, she still had internet. (Again, sound familiar?)

My friend rarely uses her land line anyway as she has a cell phone.

Good to hear you don't have have a modem in the john any more LOL!

Daizy said...

Ya, 45 days was quite shocking but since I still have internet service it won't be too bad...I hope.

Daizy said...

Dave, I read your comment and thought 'no service for a week' OH NO! but then you said she still had internet so I was happy again. Hopefully the repairs here will be the same way. They do have to run the new line through my yard and replace the junction box but hopefully I will be at work when that all happens.