Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Last Piece Of The Puzzle

My mom and I are working on setting up my nephew/brother's room. What is a nephew/brother? He is my nephew by blood and my brother because my parents adopted him after my sister passed away. So far my parents and I have been able to live peacefully in the same house (with 5 dogs). On Monday we will add a 12 year old boy to the mix. This should be interesting.

Hopefully it will all work out and they can all stay here until their house in Washington sells and then they will buy their own home. That is the plan anyway. It changes day to day.

Last night I put together the bunk bed that a friend gave me. There were too many pieces and I couldn't figure out how it went together so I just used the pieces that made sense and left the others. I think she actually gave me more than one bed, perhaps the other parts were for a trundle bed of some sort. I bought the futon because I was going to sleep on that and give my parents my queen bed but I ended up getting a full size bed for only $25 so now the futon is extra. I think it works in his room. I am going to get a bookcase from the mobile home and buy a clip on reading light and he can have a reading area under there. We still have to get the rest of the room in order and I need to buy a piece of plywood because that mattress is precariously perched up there with no support. Those chores are planned for Saturday. One of these days I will get back to working on my own projects.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

If your brother likes dogs then I have a feeling it will all work out just fine. In fact a house full of dogs is especially great when youa re twelve.

Daizy said...

I think he is afraid of dogs. We will find out on Monday!

Anonymous said...

'Keep calm and carry on' the old ww2 motto comes to mind.Know it's not easy. What a lovely person you are helping your folks out like this. You should be proud of yourself. I spent this week trying to complete my environmental sciences degree assignment whilst babysitting my two 5 and 8 year old nieces because 'mummy' can't possibly work with them around her at home. Yes it's sure not easy being a saint haha. Jules UK

Daizy said...

Jules, I hope you were able to get things done with the little ones around. I'm hoping that having my nephew here will still let me get a nap in once in a while. I need my sleep!