Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Making Virtual Progress

I have a queen bed, a bunk bed frame, a dresser, a recliner and a fridge all lined up to magically appear at my house on Saturday. I sure hope it happens! I still need a futon and a twin mattress. I've found some on craig's list but they aren't convenient to pick up on my lunch break or after work so I have to hope they are still around on Saturday or I find new listings. Too bad I probably won't have internet yet on Saturday. There is a slim chance my modem will get here in time but I'm not counting on it.

Next week I will get another dresser and an armoire from a coworker. She is getting furniture with her new house and she is selling some to me. After that I will be done. My parents will bring some of their furniture and I think we will have all that we need. Oh, I forgot, I would like some bar stools. Maybe my parents will bring their stools.

The tree trimmers still aren't finished in the backyard. Their stump grinder broke and they will have to rent one to finish my job. I hope they are done by Saturday because I plan to rake everything up and let the dogs loose.

This move is getting to be a reality now so I had better fill out the change of address form. I am really not looking forward to all the places I have to notify. No way around it. It must be done.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Good stuff. |It is all happening then. Are the family really here to stay or just visiting?I thought it was too hot for them around you?

Daizy said...

They will be here to stay although they will be living in their own home once they find one. It is hot here but where they are now is too snowy and icy so it is a trade off. They will just have to stay indoors for 5 months of the year...kind of like what they did up there.