Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going Forward Anyway

Chase was 2 or 3 days late with submitting the HUD report and now we are just going to go forward and hope no one notices. The most important thing is that Chase needs to have money available on the 15th to pay for the house. If they can't get that together we can beg for mercy and ask for another extension. It doesn't seem fair that Wells Fargo got to spend 3 months deciding if they would accept the short sale or not and then they get to be so strict about the exact day of payment. Actually, it's the Wells Fargo for the second loan that is so difficult about it. The first loan bank was going to let us take until March.

Tomorrow I am taking a half day to do a final walk through and sign the papers and pay the down payment and closing costs. I noticed that the closing costs were higher than I expected yesterday so I had my mortgage agent look in to it and yes, they forgot to apply a $1,450 credit. That's a lot of money to overlook.

I found an old listing for the house with pictures today. The house looks nice with their furniture in it. Too bad I don't have any nice furniture. I like their bedspread.

So that's where they put the TV. I was wondering because I didn't see a cable cord on the left side wall. I don't have a big flat screen though. My TVs are the old tube kind. I don't plan to get cable, maybe I'll get one of those wireless internet streaming boxes instead.

They put their dining room table where I plan to put the dogs. I'm hoping to put a fence behind where the couch is to keep the dogs out of the living room while I am at work.

Hopefully this will be my house next week and I can start decorating. Hmm...I don't have a rug.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Looks really good. better with a few dogs about the place though.

Daizy said...

Ya I can see it now. Remove the nice furniture and put in fences, dog crates and beds and smudges on all the windows!

Sallie's Niece said...

Pretty house, good luck with your move!

Daizy said...

Thanks Sallie, the move is going painfully slow but it will happen.