Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Rantings

It has been a while since I have thought about quitting but today drove me to it again. There is one person that I work with that is just really annoying. She doesn't "get" me and I don't "get" her. There are workers outside our building putting up awnings over the windows and she told me I should move my car because they would be painting those awnings. I moved my car to the side of the building. Then at lunch we were talking about their progress and I wondered if they were going to paint the whole building now or wait until later. She just looked at me like I was crazy and said that of course they were going to paint the building first, it would be insane to paint the awnings first. Now, she told me earlier that they were painting the awnings so, I mean, whatever, I really don't care what they paint first. I couldn't see what they were doing anyway because all of the windows are blocked with plastic to protect them from paint.

Later in the afternoon another coworker told me that I should move my car again because the wind is blowing paint spray in that direction. I go out to move my car and the woman comes out and is yelling that she can't believe they are painting the awnings first! Ok, I still don't care. I park my car far away and then she starts laughing at me for parking so far away. I just had to move my car twice and I don't want to move it again. I just ignored her. I have no idea why she has to be so controlling and a know-it-all.

I usually put my lunch together at work because there is more counter space there than in my mobile home and she had to comment that it is a good thing I am not married with kids because they would starve to death waiting for their meals. Now, besides more room to prepare meals at work, one of the other BIG reasons that it takes me so long is that I don't want to sit and be lectured by her for 45 minutes in the lunch room. I didn't tell her that though. She often tells me that I don't have any fun and she can't believe that I don't want to go the restaurants downtown where she lives and hang out at bars and listen to bands and read novels like she does. I would rather eat at my desk than be judged by her.

Anyway, I was daydreaming of building my own home and building a block wall myself. I watched some videos on building a wall and I think I could do it but the permit would cost $300 just to get started and then I would need to rent some equipment to dig the footer. Well, if I quit then I will have plenty of time to build a wall. It will definitely take some time to build.

That's my ranting for the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I like getting paychecks.


444 said...

I think we've all known that sort of person. They're critical and they seem to want to get a rise out of you. I don't know why some people are always making fun of others, directly to their face in such a confrontational manner, but I suspect they may have been treated that way by siblings growing up and they are dishing out what they grew up taking. Or it could just be a personality trait they are born with.

Hey, now that I mention it, my husband deals with one of these people in his band. Just this weekend the hub had all he could take and he was very unpleasant (while keeping it firm, blunt, and decisively brief) to the ole bully and the ole bully is now moping around, knowing that he tested his limits and had to back down. I don't know if I recommend that strategy to you or not, but I wish you luck, however you choose to deal with it.

Daizy said...

Thanks 444. I guess I am just looking for a little affirmation. Usually I can find someone else at work to back me up but I was on my own today and have been for the past few weeks because the others have been out of the office. The boss comes back tomorrow so I won't be alone with her...hopefully.

Dave said...

I, too, had a bullying coworker like that who was always being judgmental and always looking for chances to belittle anything I did even if it had no effect on her.

When she shot rubber bands at me from her desk while I was explaining something at my desk to a subordinate, I had had enough and reported her to HR. She actually boasted to others how I reported her to HR.

I did not speak to her for about a year (we did not work on the ame projects). She started a pool to guess the date I would talk to her again and tried to agitate me into talking to her. This was a 10-year-old girl trapped in the body of a 35-year-old woman.

Thankfully, she soon left the company but messed with my PC on her last day (I took the day off to celebrate her departure).

She may have wanted to get a rise out of me, but once it crossed the line into interfering with my work (not sure if your coworker has crossed that line yet), then I had to report her.

As to how to deal with your coworker, you may just have to tell her firmly to BUTT OUT Of your personal life and stop acting like a child. Do this in front of others. Then do not speak to her again.

Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Maybe she tihnks she is being helpful? Okay, trying to give her the beenfit of the doubt there.
But really she is annoying, you have a happy life and hers is shallow and pointless. Ignor!

philo said...

You get my vote, Daizy, every day. philo

Anonymous said...

Your co-worker sees you doing the things she should be doing and it is causing her to be angry and unhappy . She really doesn t understand why she is angry and unhappy so instead of dealing with it or trying to figure it out she finds it easier to lash out at others.
So it is NOT you she is lashing out at but it feels like it.
She is mad at herself, really.
It take awhile for you not to duck for cover when she starts but keep smiling and saying, "Thats Nice"
This will kill her!
I think you are awesome and totally on the right track.
I wish I had it together when I was your age.

Daizy said...

Wow Dave, that sounds awful. What a horrible thing to have to deal with everyday. Did HR do anything about it?

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I do agree that she thinks she is being helpful and enlightening us with the correct way to be. It must be awful being us, so ignorant and bland.

Daizy said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence philo!

Daizy said...

Thanks barb. Luckily I don't have to deal with her often. Today was better. More people were there so I was not her only target.

Dave said...

Daizy, HR did not take any action against her.